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Every day, hundreds of new users install Media Mall toolbar and join our community. As our policy is to expose them to new and fresh content all the time, we would like to offer you to join us and have a link to your website from our toolbar and prove you the power of it. In exchange, we will ask you do the same and put a link or a banner on your website which tell your users that your website content can be access from our toolbar and links to our site (sounds good huh?).
if you like what we offer, and your site content is appropriate and can be useful to our users, do not hesitate and
Email us with the keyword "Join MediaMall" on the subject and write some details regarding your website (URL, traffic details, users profile etc.).
Please consider that not all the applications we get are authorized for many reasons, anyway you will get a response from us. Please be patient and we will be back to you as soon as possible.
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